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    Here’s what happened. Mohammed Saeed Alshamrani, a Saudi Air Force member was shooting at a naval base in Pensacola, Florida that killed three people and injured 8 Americans. The shooter has two iPhones and to unlock his phones, the US official asked Apple for help, while Apple provided no “substantive assistance” to the FBI so far. “We are helping Apple all of the time on TRADE and so many other issues, and yet they refuse to unlock phones used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements. They will have to step up to the plate and help our great Country, NOW! MAKE AMERIC...
    发布时间: 2020 - 01 - 19
    The article about OLED and LCD I posted before caused a big discussion. Some people think that the OLED screen flash hurts the eyes, while others think that the high blue-ray of the LCD hurts the eyes more. So which one hurts less?This problem is difficult to decide what hurts less. In fact, various visual discomforts are caused by many reasons. Moreover, the sensitivity of everyone's eyes is different, which makes this problem is always between the people who make decisions based on the people who make decisions according to their experiences and the people who make decisions based on exp...
    发布时间: 2020 - 01 - 16
    Yesterday, I saw some discussions about the Blue-ray in the mobile phone, which was very scary. Blue-ray is harmful to the eyes and I also mention in the previous article that everyone needs to protect your eyes, however, taking into consideration how often you use mobile phones will affect how severe the damage is for your eyes although the blue-ray itself is harmful. Regarding the knowledge of Blu-ray, you could review my previous posts. In this article, let's talk about anti-Blu-ray products on the market. Anti-blue-light GlassesPrinciple: Use tawny glass to absorb p...
    发布时间: 2020 - 01 - 16
    I believe that many people have had a problem like this:The phone clearly shows that it still has 20% power battery,However,the screen gets darker… it turned off.When you try to open it,The phone says, “need more battery life”Is the phone broken?                  Three reasons are causing this situation.1. The phone runs out of memory storage.2. Improper phone battery maintenance.3. The software that estimates how much the battery life left is wrong. The phone runs out of memory storage:The mobile phone is running too many p...
    发布时间: 2020 - 01 - 14
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