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    In daily life, we spend more and more time on mobile phones, becoming “Phubbing”. When working, you will communicate via message and when being off work, you may usually use Instagram, Facebook, or reading E-books. Even before going to sleep, you will post something about your life and see what your friends post. But… Using the phone for such long time, are your screen protectors still fingerprints free?  The mobile phone is sticky and full of fingerprints. After wiping the screen, they reappear soon. I believe many people have encountered this situation and if the screen protec...
    发布时间: 2020 - 01 - 04
    Toughened glass is in the use place in household still many, door window, tea table, shower room is waited a moment.A lot of time hear toughened glass, people can think of 'strong' this word, as we all know, there is no sharp Angle after the broken inside toughened glass in the past, it is also called 'safety glass', however, because of many toughened glass self-explosion events, let people understand, toughened glass is also around the irregular missile!The surface hardness of general plastic stick film does not exceed 3 hours left and right sides, the hardness of glass is abo...
    发布时间: 2019 - 01 - 18
    The first, hot bending process, hot bending process is to use a hot bending machine to bend the film.The 2nd kind, cold carve craft, cold carve craft is to undertake fine carve directly with CNC, dig hollow inside planar glass.It radians out.The third, etching process, etching process is the first chemical liquid (hydrofluoric acid) for corrosion so that the plane of the steel film formed grooves, and then CNC precision carving.The fourth kind of glue dropping process is to use glue to drop directly on the edge of flat glass. The glue dropping process is also called pseudo-3d.Of the four proce...
    发布时间: 2019 - 07 - 10
    On April 18th, in AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong, the Global Sources Mobile Electronics Show was grand-opnning. The participant including 3c and related products like mobile phones and screen protector,  up to 3,600 booths, renew the exhibition’s record once again. Shenzhen Andy Creative technology, which is a professional manufacturer that is concerned with the design, development and production of digital accessories. We shows the high-quality of the product, the unique technology and design. In this exhibition Shenzhen Andy attracted...
    发布时间: 2019 - 05 - 15
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