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    3D glass cover coating is like a woman's makeup, not only can make the glass cover and back panel more beautiful, but also can play the role of anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, anti-UV. Therefore, the cell phone 3D glass coating is very necessary! However, the glass coating is not only one type. Different coatings play different roles, this article focuses on AF, AG, AR coating. I believe you will not be confused after reading. 1. Explanation of name and principle (1). AF ---- Anti-fingerprint. General SiO2 + AF material (DON, M4, Dow Corning AF material), generally us...
    发布时间: 2021 - 03 - 23
    How to distinguish 3D curved tempered glass film and 3D curved glass mold why we use graphite material? Glass is made of quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone, etc. It is mixed, melted at high temperature, homogenized, processed and shaped, and then annealed. It is widely used in construction, daily use, art, instrumentation and other fields with rich variety and superior performance. Now with the development of technology, many cell phones are using 3D curved screen. To understand how to distinguish 3D curved tempered film from ordinary tempered glass film, you may want to take a look...
    发布时间: 2021 - 03 - 02
    发布时间: 2020 - 10 - 14
    iPad: The new entry-level 8th generation iPad, equipped with A12 processor, starting price is at $329.iPad Air: Apple also launches of a new version of iPad Air, supports the second generation of Apple Pencil, equipped with 5nm process A14 chip, speed increased by 40%, 5 colors, starting at $599.Apple Watch: The new Apple Watch Series 6’s processor speed increased by 20%, screen brightness increased by 2.5 times. It supports for measuring blood oxygen. Starting at $399; Apple Watch SE: Its starting price is at $279; Apple Watch Series 3 adjusts price to $199.
    发布时间: 2020 - 09 - 16
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