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    About the cold engraving steel film four processes

    Date: 2019-07-10
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    The first, hot bending process, hot bending process is to use a hot bending machine to bend the film.

    The 2nd kind, cold carve craft, cold carve craft is to undertake fine carve directly with CNC, dig hollow inside planar glass.It radians out.

    The third, etching process, etching process is the first chemical liquid (hydrofluoric acid) for corrosion so that the plane of the steel film formed grooves, and then CNC precision carving.

    The fourth kind of glue dropping process is to use glue to drop directly on the edge of flat glass. The glue dropping process is also called pseudo-3d.

    Of the four processes, hot bending is the most effective.And it can be made in large radians (samsung's curved film must be made using a hot-bending process).The disadvantage of hot bending is its low stability.It is easy to have white edges if AB adhesive is applied.Hot bending is relatively cheap.

    Cold engraving steel film production efficiency is low, there is no obvious soft side, quality and price are high and low.See the position of the factory and actual strength.

    Etching production efficiency is higher than cold carving, there is a small disadvantage is that there is a line etching, the advantage is that the exhaust is better than cold carving.Etching technology is generally to do high - end products.

    Dispensing is a new process that took 17 years to develop, and only began to mature in the first half of 18 years.The appearance is relatively poor, but the exhaust is the fastest of the four.The price is similar to that of hot bending.

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