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    A minute to teach you to distinguish between good and bad tempered film

    Date: 2019-01-18
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    Toughened glass is in the use place in household still many, door window, tea table, shower room is waited a moment.A lot of time hear toughened glass, people can think of 'strong' this word, as we all know, there is no sharp Angle after the broken inside toughened glass in the past, it is also called 'safety glass', however, because of many toughened glass self-explosion events, let people understand, toughened glass is also around the irregular missile!

    The surface hardness of general plastic stick film does not exceed 3 hours left and right sides, the hardness of glass is about 6 left and right sides, and the glass that passes toughening processing, hardness is above average glass slightly.



    The surface is hard enough to resist scratching, even if you scratch hard with a knife, because iron is less hard than glass, let alone hardened.Faults: brittle.Things that are so hard that thin are more fragile.If you stick it to the phone, the screen is hit so hard that the film itself cracks like glass.You'll have to change.But most people are pretty good at screen savers, aren't they?

    Explosion-proof and scratch-proof: it can prevent the broken and scattered glass panel caused by accidental collision of mobile phone, reduce the hidden damage of glass panel, and guarantee the safety of users.At the same time to prevent accidental scratch, affect the appearance of mobile phone.

    Easy to use, no bubbles.The transparency of the picture is up to 98%.Do not affect the use of mobile phone cases and other mobile phone accessories.


    Compared with other films, it is relatively thick, which also affects the sensitivity of the touch screen. Due to the hardness and brittleness of the tempered glass, it is generally fragile.

    1, the tempered glass can no longer be cut, and processing, only before the tempered glass to the desired shape, and then the tempered treatment.

    2. Although the strength of tempered glass is stronger than that of ordinary glass, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion (self-rupture), while ordinary glass does not have the possibility of self-explosion.

    3, the surface of toughened glass will exist uneven phenomenon (wind spots), there is a slight thickness of thin.The reason why the glass becomes thinner is that after the glass is softened by hot melt, it will be rapidly cooled by strong wind force, and the crystal gap inside the glass will become smaller and the pressure will increase. Therefore, the glass will be thinner after toughening than before toughening.


    How to identify a good tempered glass protective film:

    1. Poor exhaust gas on the surface of mobile phone residual bubbles;

    2. The edges and corners of tempered glass cannot be pasted, and bubbles occur;

    3. The toughened glass will not stick to the mobile phone, and it is easy to fall off;

    4. The tempered glass is too thick, which affects the light transmittance and thickens the thickness of the mobile phone;

    5. The adhesive of toughened glass is too thick, which affects the light transmittance of mobile phone display;

    6. After the toughened glass is pasted on the mobile phone, there is a phenomenon of watermark on the surface of the mobile phone.

    7. The tempered glass film is also divided into straight side and arc side. The arc side is more rounded than the hypotenuse and is not easy to hurt hands

    8. Drop Angle less than 110 degrees.

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