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    Full screen mobile phone is saved!

    Date: 2018-11-02
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    After the launch of the MIX series of mobile phones in Xiaomi in 2016, the concept of full-screen has quickly become a new standard for mobile phone design. Today, it is the standard for the flagship models of major brands.

    It is not difficult to find that in order to obtain a stunning visual effect, mobile phone manufacturers will inevitably weaken the existence of the mobile phone frame while increasing the proportion of the screen, and also greatly weaken the protection effect of the frame on the glass cover, and thus it is easy to generate an external screen. The risk of fragmentation. This is the biggest pain point for full-screen mobile phone manufacturers, and it is also the most popular slot for mobile phone users.


    (full screen mobile phone schematic diagram, picture reproduced from the network)

    There seems to be only one way to solve this problem from the inside, which is to greatly enhance the strength of the glass cover plate of mobile phone. For example, the more powerful glass of the sixth generation of corning gorilla glass is adopted. Of course, the sharp increase in cost will eventually be reflected in the product price and thus affect the purchase decision of consumers.Is there a better way to do it from the outside?

    The answer is yes.Industry earlier engaged in ultra-thin optical glass products research and development and production of Beijing god-given special technology has recently published the MICIMI brand of blockbuster - flexible 3 d optical glue 】 【 toughened glass protective film, the product for its high compatibility, full transparency, full coverage, no white edge features, quickly get mobile phone manufacturer and consumer recognition, has been hailed as a "second screen" full screen mobile phone.

    Through understanding, we know that the full screen mobile phone not only has a larger screen proportion, the glass cover plate edge 2.5d arc grinding is an essential process, the industry called "drop screen".


    (2.5d schematic diagram of drop screen, pictures reproduced from the Internet)

    The popularity of "water drop screen" has led to more and more prominent pain points that cannot be perfectly matched with the traditional toughened glass film, which are mainly concentrated in the area of edge radian and easily appear in different degrees of "non-fitting state", commonly known as "white edge of glass film".The existence of white edge, destroyed the visual aesthetic feeling of mobile phone badly, also let the consumer that USES mobile phone of full droplet screen shrink away to toughened glass film.


    (there are obvious white edges on the toughened glass film attached to the drop screen of mobile phone. The picture is reproduced from the Internet)

    "White edge" problem has been troubling the whole glass film manufacturing industry for a long time.

    One is to greatly reduce the size of the film.Through greatly reducing the size of toughened glass film to avoid the curved area of cover plate, many negative effects have been brought about.Greatly reduce the size of toughened glass film, it is bound to reduce the protection range of mobile phone screen, and increase the risk of broken screen.


    (schematic diagram of toughened glass film, picture reproduced from the network)

    Second, through the ink printing block.Use ink color shade may appear white edge radian area, which also caused more serious negative effects.Due to the natural property of a full-screen mobile phone with a narrow border, the curved area of the cover plate overlaps with the display area of the mobile phone screen, so it is necessary to block the curved area of the cover plate to block the display area of the mobile phone screen, resulting in incomplete display.For example, after consumers buy a 6.28-inch screen mobile phone, the actual effect of the film becomes a 6-inch screen.


    (Ink Printing Toughened Glass Film schematic, pictures reproduced from the network)

    There are also some solutions directly aimed at "white edge", such as filling the non-conforming areas of the edge with oily substances such as "white edge liquid" and solidifying plastic after being smeared with liquid UV glue, but they are all "visual illusion filling" rather than substantive technical solutions, which often have more disadvantages than advantages. For example, liquid UV glue and oily substances are easy to penetrate into the cover plate through the edge frame or the receiver hole, which damages the display module or other precision components of the mobile phone and results in the damage of the mobile phone; oily substances will diffuse into the display area of the screen, causing light refraction, causing distortion of the screen display; oily substances will volatilize after a period of time, "white edge" will appear again; oily substances because of their liquid. Morphology and high viscous, easy to absorb dust, "white edge" will eventually become "black edge"; Oily substances on the glass film and mobile phone screen vertical space difference is not substantially filled, there is no physical support, can not alleviate the glass protective film edge fragile problems and so on.

    Faced with the above problems, MICIMI brand strives to make progress in research and development over three years. It has worked with experts from the Material Science and Engineering College of the top universities in the capital. Through hundreds of dust-free workshop experiments and real-machine fitting demonstrations, hundreds of sets of precision moulds have been scrapped, more than 30 micron-level key data have been corrected, and the cutting-edge technology of [3D flexible optical glue] has been finally selected.


    (3D flexible optical glue toughened glass film, photo reproduced from micimi Tmall flagship store)

    Through the combination of 3D modeling and precision control equipment, OCA optical adhesive at the bottom of toughened glass film is shaped into a three-dimensional structure corresponding to the curvature of mobile phone cover plate, supplemented by the special deformation ability of flexible optical adhesive, so as to better achieve the "seamless fitting" of toughened glass film and mobile phone cover plate theoretically.


    (3D structure diagram of toughened glass film with flexible optical adhesive, reproduced from micimi official flagship store)

    Breakthrough of this complex process, completely shattered problem industry for many years, toughened glass film and a mobile phone to cover real close 2 for one, take the lead to achieve the beautiful sex, the organic integration of functionality and protective, provides the full screen mobile phone screen protection needs, the leading solutions, also let customers dream completely transparent, does not keep out, large size, full cover of toughened glass membrane become a reality.


    (3D effect picture of toughened glass film with flexible optical adhesive, reproduced from micimi official flagship store)

    From the press conference site learned that the brand has been launched based on the process of production of iPhoneX/XS/XS MAX, one Plus 6, meizu16th /16th Plus, millet 8, VIVO X23, OPPO R17 and other popular comprehensive screen models tempered glass film new products, you can go to micimi Tmall flagship store to understand and buy.

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