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    Toughened glass film of mobile phone: stick?Don't stick?

    Date: 2013-11-29
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    I believe that many friends consider toughened glass film is because of its publicity of scratch resistance and resistance to fall.

    From the resistance to fall, in fact, the screen is broken or not broken, really depends on luck.Toughened film is alleged to prevent fall, reduce break screen probability namely just.

    And from scratch resistance, the steel film is generally promoted is the use of 9h surface hardness, the hardness of the standard and we often say that the mo hardness is actually different.9h refers to the use of a 9h pencil to leave no trace on the surface of the material, that's all.

    Toughened glass film of mobile phone: stick?Don't stick?

    As long as it is glass film actually, hardness of mo's degree won't exceed 7, namely 5-6 left and right sides, bigger than metal, less than quartz, that is to say general key and knife wait for affirmation won't scratch glass film, this has nothing to do with surface coating, it still can be worn by quartz (namely the dust in daily life and fine grain) place.

    And mobile phone screen also is same, at present major mobile phone was to use gorilla 3 generation glass screen, the hardness of mo's degree of this screen is in probably 6.5 left and right sides, although compare general steel changes film to stick tall, but still did not achieve 7.

    If you live in a dusty environment, then the choice of film or more necessary.If you don't pay much attention to the screen of your phone and the replacement period is short, it doesn't matter if you don't stick it on. 6.5 is strong enough to withstand most scratches on your phone.

    Toughened glass film of mobile phone: stick?Don't stick?

    In addition, it needs to be explained that the above mentioned film is a toughened film, if you want to stick to the general plastic film, to tell the truth is not too much necessary.

    Ordinary plastic film hardness is usually 2H, hardening treatment can be up to 3 ~ 4H, that is, and nail hardness is similar, which is equivalent to the car wax just.Things that can scratch them can be seen everywhere, and it's easy to get scratches soon after the film is applied, which can affect your vision.

    Simple question simple answer, now enter the extended reading stage, today we are going to talk about toughened glass film that thing.

    The problem of false mark of propaganda thickness of toughened glass film

    At present the thickness of toughened glass film on market has 4 kinds only :0.4 millimeter, 0.33 millimeter, 0.2 millimeter, 0.15 millimeter.And these four thickness also refer to the thickness of glass raw material, which does not include the thickness of AB glue used to adsorb the screen of the mobile phone.Generally, the thickness of AB adhesive is 0.085mm to 0.15mm (the brand of AB adhesive is different, and the thickness is also different). So, the thickness of toughened glass film finished products is at least 0.235mm. The thickness of the mark on the market products is only the thickness of raw materials.

    Even so, the thickness of various manufacturers or a variety of virtual bid.0.4 mm glass as 0.3 mm, 0.33 mm as 0.26 mm, 0.2 mm as 0.15 mm, even many boundless business directly without the moral integrity of the standard is 0.1 mm, 0.4 mm steel membrane, as you know, the thickness of 0.1 mm base and plastic protective film about, this is impossible, so everyone at the time of purchase of toughened glass membrane or should be more careful, don't be fool some profiteers.

    Anti - fingerprint effect of toughened glass film

    The product of a lot of businessman publicizes all mention, toughened glass film can prevent fingerprint.In fact, it is accurate to say that the excellent quality of toughened glass film can reduce fingerprints on the glass film residue, but not completely eliminate the production of fingerprints.The method is to add a layer of anti-fingerprint oil to the surface of the toughened glass film, and this layer of anti-fingerprint oil coating can also ensure that the surface of the toughened film can be easily removed under the condition of stains.About this anti - fingerprint oil processing technology, there are high and low points.

    At present, the lowest level of anti-fingerprint treatment on the market is not through any processing, do not apply anti-fingerprint oil, this only some profiteering businessmen can get, the purpose is to squeeze costs to increase profits.

    A little bit higher is the hand painted fingerprint oil, the so-called hand is a brush, the fingerprint oil directly applied on the surface of the glass film manually, the disadvantage is that the fingerprint effect is not uniform and fingerprint oil is easy to fade.

    More high-end is the machine coating/plasma spraying fingerprint oil, generally a little scale and a little conscience of the manufacturers are the choice of this.The effect of this process is better than hand painting, but the disadvantage is that the durability is poor.The actual situation is about 20 days after the use, you will find that the anti-fingerprint effect has greatly reduced, because the anti-fingerprint oil has been polished.

    On the market, the top anti-fingerprint oil is electroplating anti-fingerprint oil, generally speaking, only a few manufacturers of high-end steel film using electroplating anti-fingerprint oil.The principle of electroplating is not explained here small make up, in a word, after electroplating anti-fingerprint oil process of toughened glass film effect is more smooth to feel, the effect is more lasting generally can last more than 2 months.

    If you use the film a lot, you can actually tell from the feel of the tempered film how good it is.

    Whether the toughened glass film can prevent the mobile phone screen from breaking

    As xiaobian said before, in fact, the screen broken is not broken, it is really a matter of luck, toughened film known as anti-fall, that is to reduce the probability of broken screen.Because the main body of the glass film is still ordinary glass, the strength will not be higher than the corning gorilla glass used in high-end mobile phones, or you will see the screen broken film did not break the magic scene.

    In terms of the form of fitting, this kind of flexible fitting cannot increase the strength of the screen at all, but you can consider the tempered film as the second outer screen of the mobile phone. If the mobile phone falls off, the tempered film can absorb certain damage and play a role in reducing the probability of broken screen.

    Of course, you can't expect it to make a big difference. If your phone falls from a height of several dozen meters, you'd better be prepared to pay for another one.

    Toughened glass film itself fragile as far as possible do not choose low - priced inferior goods

    After a lot of friends bought toughened glass film, appeared glass film is broken automatically broken case, actually this is very easy to understand, toughened glass film also is glass, broke also be normal thing so.

    There are two broad categories of situations that determine the fragmentation of tempered glass films.One is the product itself, the other is the use of the problem.From the product itself, whether the tempered glass film is fragile should be analyzed from the raw materials and technology.

    1. Raw materials.Glass film is made from different brands of glass raw materials.And the strength of different raw materials will vary.But unless it is the glass raw material that itself has flaw, major brand of glass, with respect to intensity glass character, the difference is not very big.

    2. Processing technology.There are three main processes to determine the quality of glass film products: CNC cutting, arc polishing and toughening furnace.CNC cutting is the cutting of glass into the shape suitable for mobile phone models.Arc edge polishing is to polish the straight edge around the tempered film into 2.5d arc edge.Toughening furnace toughening is to let the glass film semi-finished products in the high temperature furnace and potassium nitrate action so that the glass film strength slightly enhance the strength, greatly increase toughness, ensure that even if the glass film is broken, will not harm the human body.

    Regardless of the glass film back adhesive bonding, these three procedures are the most likely to produce defective glass film three procedures.Cutting and polishing can result in glass flaring.The toughening time of the furnace is not enough, and the poor material of potassium nitrate will lead to the decrease of strength and toughness.The majority of defective products produced among them are eliminated in the production process, and a small number of defective products cannot be detected by the naked eye, leaving dark injury trachoma and other products as good products into the market, a little use will appear broken.

    So everyone in the decision to buy steel film, must bear in mind, do not choose those low-priced inferior goods in the market.Although the film industry profiteering, but sometimes a penny for a penny of goods or the truth can be universal.

    Additional, the ply of toughened glass film and intensity also have certain concern, pure on intensity character, thick glass film is a little stronger, the intensity of thin glass film is poorer, nevertheless the glass film with thinner feels affirmation is better, everybody is choosing toughened film when the circumstance that still depends on oneself and decide.

    Said so many, and finally for you to summarize the advantages and disadvantages of toughened glass film, you can do according to their own situation for reference.

    Advantages: compared with ordinary plastic film, high hardness, good light transmittance, good surface performance, good sense of oil and thin sailor, not easy to stain, easy to clean, easy to fit, has a certain protective function.

    Disadvantages: fragile, high cost, thick, edge treatment defects.Because the tempered film has a certain thickness, even the thinnest 0.15mm film, the edge will destroy the integrity of the grip.

    In addition, the resin adhesive layer exposed on the Edge is also prone to contamination, and for curved screens, the toughened film can hardly match, such as samsung Galaxy Edge, or even the iPhone 6 with 2.5d screen so that the Edge of the screen is curved to the border, can not use the toughened glass film.

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