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    Introduction of AF fingerprint protection technology for mobile phone with toughened film

    Date: 2019-12-03
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    Mobile phone toughening film is AF (anti-finger Print) anti-fingerprint coating, which is called Oleophpbic coating or AF coating in English. Usually, we feel comfortable and smooth AF -- fingerprint -- on the new mobile phone screen, which is anti-fingerprint in Chinese.AF coating is also called AF antifingerprint coating.It is a coating commonly used in smart phones today.

    Principle: AF anti-fouling and anti-fingerprint glass is coated with a layer of nano-chemical material on the outer surface of the glass according to the principle of lotus leaf to minimize the tension on the glass surface, reduce the contact area between dust and the glass surface by 90%, and make it have strong ability of hydrophobic, anti-oil and anti-fingerprint.Make video screen glass panel keeps bright and clean bright effect for a long time.

    AF material is a kind of fluoride coatings with low surface tension, in a nutshell, AF coating of imitation is the main effect of lotus leaf effect is attached to the screen surface, increase the hydrophobic screen, oil discharge, antifouling performance, widely used in mobile phones, tablet, display, AF on the protection of the SLR glass coating can effectively prevent the fingerprint oil and dirt, and high light transmittance, no grind arenaceous film the fog the feeling.This is a special material, fingerprint proof, super abrasion resistant, rainbow pattern proof, high clear and transparent, high speed exhaust bubble, mainly used for the machine film or some other optical lens surface and in addition to fingerprint proof, dust proof, AF fingerprint film has another function: reduce the growth of bacteria on the surface of the phone.

    AF fingerprinting process the materials of AF fingerprinting coating are mainly divided into two forms: drug solution and target pill (similar to small pill). The former is sprayed on the glass surface by SiO2+AF material (DON, M4, docorning AF material); the latter is vacuum evaporation coating method, which USES high temperature to evaporate the target pill onto the glass.

    Vacuum evaporation equipment, realize the principle is the high temperature evaporation pellet to glass after glass coating, after high temperature curing, AF coating will keep the screen surface, in addition to fight corrupt, AF coating has wear-resisting, high light transmittance characteristics, and cost is especially low, spraying monolithic cost no more than 6 cents, vacuum evaporation of single chip cost is not higher than 2 yuan, slightly better concentration of AF coating keep 1, 2 years is not a problem.

    AF coating process flow

    (1) pretreatment: use weak alkaline cleaning agent or solvent to remove the substrate surface oil, water and other stains, through ultrasonic cleaning effect is better; 

    (2) AF solution was plated on the product surface to form a film; 

    (3) baking: after spraying, take out the glass, put it into the oven (120 degrees, 30 minutes), according to the specific requirements and product conditions to adjust to the best; 

    (4) cleaning: product cleaning, finished product packaging.

    AF coating product features:

    1) antifouling: prevent fingerprints and oil stains from sticking to and being easily erased;

    2) scratch prevention: smooth surface, comfortable hand, not easy to scratch;

    3) thin film: excellent optical properties, without changing the original texture;

    4) wear resistance: with true wear resistance.

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