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    Mobile phone toughening film can effectively prevent the mobile phone screen is broken

    Date: 2019-11-14
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    The first thing to understand is that the mobile phone is in free fall in the falling procedure, and the strength and direction are not regular to follow, so the consideration to prevent the screen from breaking lies in the characteristics of the screen itself: 2D, 2.5d, 3D screen.

    1. Ordinary 2D screen

    This kind of screen is basically flat with frame of fuselage, the screen won't touch the ground directly in the falling process after affixing toughened glass film, it is action is in frame and 4 edges and corners commonly, or positive action goes up to toughened glass film, the protection effect is best to the screen!

    2. Common 2.5d screen

    2.5d screen is to polish the edge into an arc on the basis of 2D screen. By fitting the curve with the metal border, the mobile phone will not have the cutting feeling of ordinary screen when crossing the edge of the screen. Meanwhile, the round shape makes the mobile phone look more delicate.

    The disadvantage is that 2.5d glass is slightly higher than the metal frame and the edge is curved, so the film must be 'one circle smaller' than the screen, and the protection effect of the screen is not so complete.

    3. 3D curved screen

    As the name implies, the left and right sides of the screen are made into 3D curved surfaces, which may not be different from 2.5d literally, but they are essentially different!The risk of breaking the screen when it falls is greater, and special 3D screen technology makes maintenance more expensive.Now there is a film for 3D curved screen in the market, which covers the whole screen through the 'hot bending' process, theoretically providing complete protection!

    After considering the characteristics of the screen itself, there is another important factor: the quality of mobile phone steel film!Recently released gorilla 5 generation toughened glass is the best protection glass for mass production, but it can only ensure that the screen will not break under 80% of the circumstances, and the best toughened glass film mentioned above can only be close to half of its level, so it can be seen that the role of mobile phone toughened glass film is very limited.

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