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    Mobile phone toughening film process flow.

    Date: 2019-11-06
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    Brief Description of Mobile Phone Steel Film Technology

    First, curved glass is divided into three processes: etching, cold engraving and hot bending.

    1. Etching: It is a 0.7MM or 0.8MM thick flat glass, which is corroded by soaking in hydrofluoric acid chemical water. After Microsoft glass body is grinded by NCN grinding head, the surface glass with 0.33MM thickness in the middle and 0.7MM or 0.8MM arc height on both sides is ground.

    2. Cold sculpture: also known as cold grinding. It is a surface glass with 0.7MM or 0.8MM thickness and 0.33MM thickness in the middle and 0.7MM or 0.8MM arc height on both sides after CNC grinding.

    3. Hot bending: It places 0.33MM flat glass in graphite mould with upper and lower mould, passes through high temperature tunnel furnace with temperature above 800 C, from preheating zone to high temperature zone to low temperature zone. Curved glass made of softened glass.

    II. Conditions for Fiberglass Toughening

    1. Glass is infused with potassium nitrate solution, which is tempered at 620-640 C for 4 hours, and then tempered in a tempering furnace from preheating to high-temperature to low-temperature.

    2. The toughened glass can bend 90 degrees without bursting, and the glass after bursting becomes dense mesh.

    3. Common glasses are Asahi Nitrate of Japan (AGC), Asahi Red of Taiwan, Nanbo, Lobo, etc.

    1. The glass thickness of each brand is 0.3MM and 0.2MM respectively.

    2. Each brand's thickness is made of ordinary glass and high-alumina silicon glass.

    3. Ordinary glass is also called soda-lime glass. It is made by one refining process.

    4. High-alumina silica glass is also called high-alumina glass. It is a secondary refining and Solidification Based on ordinary glass. Glass with high purity and toughness

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