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    Teach you how to easily remove mobile phone steel film

    Date: 2018-11-02
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    In order to prevent the screen of the mobile phone from scratching, many people put the film on the screen of the mobile phone. The early plastic film is not durable enough. Later, a tempered glass film appeared. This film is easy to remove and difficult to remove. Get it. Here are three small coups to easily remove the tempered film.

    Coup 1: First, you can't use a sharp blade to scratch the screen of your phone. Preparation tools, hot water of 80 degrees or more, cloth, alcohol (pharmacy 2 yuan 1 small bottle), a little scotch tape. Then start the action, use a scotch tape to affix the speaker and microphone to prevent water ingress. Start using hot water for 7-10 times, then you can tear it off by hand. If it is not completely, repeat it. Rub off the screen glue with alcohol, tear off the speaker microphone hole tape, and stick a new film. Good to sell mobile phones, people will be professional.

    Coup 2: When taking the tempered film, stick the top with a wide tape, then use the nail to draw it a little bit, and pick up the tape, you can take the whole piece of tempered glass film.

    Method 3: A good quality tempered film will appear a little blister as long as it is gently rubbed with a nail at the corners. When you can pull out the seams, you can use a plastic card (such as a bank card) to insert it, and when you smash it out, the tempered film will be separated and will not hurt your hand. Without a plastic card, it is also possible to use a toothpick.

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