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    Performance characteristics of toughening film for mobile phone

    Date: 2019-10-15
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    The toughening film of mobile phone is mainly made of ultra-thin glass (0.1-0.8mm thick) through a series of special processing technologies such as glass slitting, imitation edge grinding, polishing, hardening, ultrasonic cleaning, vacuum coating and screen printing.It has the function of beautifying decoration and protecting mobile phone screen.

    Product performance

    A. excellent surface finish;

    B. extremely high surface hardness and super scratch resistance;

    C. better surface strength;

    D. Accurate size control;

    E. excellent metal visual effect.

    F. High surface hardness, mohs hardness up to 9H, scratch resistance, good light transmittance.

    Product surface treatment:

    Vacuum coating, screen printing, mirror silver effect screen printing, laser, magic color, nickel plating film, non-conductive film, AR anti-reflection film, AF film, AS film special process for the production characteristics

    Ii. Introduction to the production process of glass mobile phone lens

    1.Material opening: open the glass into 15-20 C's larger than the product, enter the single groove ultrasonic cleaning, and then transfer to the next process of production;

    The material from the opening is processed into a shape consistent with the drawing provided by the customer;If the choice of high precision, fast speed, stable performance of shenzhen jujiang glass carving machine, many products can not use the edge link, and can give you more accurate shape size.

    2.Grooves: grooves are required for products with grooves, which are completed by the stable and accurate giant carving machine (giant carving machine tel: 15361618884);

    3.Chamfering: the products finished by the side of the car are processed for edge grinding. According to the requirements of customers, the appearance and performance of the products are met. No single chamfering machine is needed for edge cutting.

    4.Precision carving: mainly need to punch and open steps and other general processes can not do the glass products for processing, but also can replace the edge of the car, grooving, chamfering and other processes.

    5.Smooth grinding: the product with chamfered edge shall be required for surface finish and the thickness of the glass shall be controlled. This link is essential and the smooth grinding equipment with good quality shall be selected.

    6.Clean the products processed by grinding and strengthen treatment after cleaning, so as to improve the surface hardness and impact resistance of glass, so as to meet customer requirements;Before tempering to smooth grinding, after tempering to smooth grinding for a few minutes, and then ultrasonic cleaning, into the electroplating or screen printing process;The glass lens that needs toughening needs to have scratch before toughening, the lens that collapse edge wants to choose out.

    7.Electroplating/silk-screen printing: electroplating or silk-screen printing of the white sheet products with flat grinding to achieve the desired effect of the lens;

    8. Lens cleaning: put the silk-screen printing or electroplating deplated lens into ultrasonic wave and add cleaning agent to clean the lens. The cleaning effect is that scratches, watermarks, white dots, finger marks, grinding powder and dust remain on the lens.

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