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    What is the principle that mobile phone toughens film to prevent fingerprint oil?

    Date: 2019-10-08
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    The principle of oil traps:

    The oil repellent layer in the field of mobile phone is mainly AF material, which is a fluorine-containing coating (mostly perfluoropolyether). Its main function is to attach to the screen surface so as to increase the screen's hydrophobic, oil-draining and antifouling properties.

    Be able to make water has supertall surface tension namely (expression is water repellent), collect the fluid around form the drop of taller water contact Angle, also can let smeary oneself contract the small oil drop that adheres to hard at metallic surface, even if have a few remain smeary also can use towel or paper towel to wipe easily clean.

    In addition, the oil repellent layer is not only used for glass, but also can be applied to various metal surfaces (such as the back cover of a mobile phone) through improved technology, to make up for the embarrassment of leaving clear fingerprints on the back cover of a dark mobile phone.

    As for how to tell whether the mobile phone is coated with oil repellent layer, a very simple method is to sprinkle a few drops of water on the surface of the mobile phone. If a drop of water is formed and the contact Angle of the drop of water is obtuse, it means that there is an oil repellent layer.If the water fails to form droplets or the contact Angle of droplets is acute and the Angle is small, it means that there is no oil trap. When the mobile phone is turned over, the liquid will flow irregularly.

    Traps are consumables:

    When the mobile phone screen is integrated with the oil trap, is it once and for all?The answer is no. The oil phobic layer is a kind of 'consumable product'. It is usually vaporized and plated AF material on the glass surface of the screen by a vacuum evaporation machine.

    According to the data, when the mobile phone is coated with oil repellent layer, a relatively high concentration of AF coating is needed to keep it from being damaged by wear and tear for one year. If the concentration is low, the service life will be shortened accordingly.

    In addition, alcohol is also a certain harm to the oil trap, if you often use screen cleaning fluid, or the film when the gift cloth contains alcohol ingredients, in order to consider the safety of the proposal to wipe the screen with water.

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