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    2.5d toughening film in apple toughening film

    Date: 2019-09-20
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    Compared with other apple toughened film, 2.5d full-glass full-screen toughened film has better integrity (after all, full-body glass), so the hand feeling will be improved.However, because the screen is not completely covered, and the edges are simply processed by 2.5d, compared with other types of full-screen steel film, 2.5d full-screen glass steel film is the most durable and very fragile.And, because be the reason of whole glass, the fitting degree of the edge wants to differ than soft edge on many, so stick film edge and screen glass to be able to appear aperture more easily between, with long meeting enter ash.If the fit degree is a little worse, you will even find that the screen will not fit the bubble.2.5d full-glass full-screen toughened film can be bought at a lower price, which is also a very affordable choice. However, due to the fragile edges, it is still necessary to take care of it, and a protective cover with a little bit of strength will be more stable.In addition, many netizens asked whether there is a full-screen steel film that is completely transparent. The answer is yes, but it is very rare. Moreover, it is all designed with 2.5d edge, which cannot reach 100% coverage.

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