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    Toughening film manufacturer tells you how to stick film

    Date: 2019-08-19
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    This is the most important and the most critical step, which directly affects the effect after the film, so you must be careful, it is best to use the mobile phone model or other corresponding items to practice a few times before the film, so as to better grasp the technology and details of the film.The convex part of the first layer of the secondary film tear, remember, do not completely tear the secondary film, tear a corner can, and do not let the surface of the joint exposed to air for a long time, easy to get dust.Left hand will tear film touches one side of the phone with the left hand ring finger gently against the other end of the phone, the right hand with wontons conformity of membrane, CARDS and mobile phones are 30 to 40 degrees, uniform force to the other end of the phone, the protective film of the bottom paper slowly fall off automatically, the protective film has been mounted on the mobile phone, the next step for mobile edge curve part tensile framed membrane;Around the film hasn't been labeled as mobile phone, according to the site while stretching as mobile phone, so that can guarantee have radian part smooth, beautiful, Angle position can also use the same method, the multiple angles of tensile paste, until the corner smooth smooth, also can cooperate ram was carried out on the edge or corner position to heat to finalize the design, heating when the temperature is not higher than 50 ℃ advisable.

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