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    Are you screen protector fingerprints free or not?

    Date: 2020-01-04
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    In daily life, we spend more and more time on mobile phones, becoming “Phubbing”. When working, you will communicate via message and when being off work, you may usually use Instagram, Facebook, or reading E-books. Even before going to sleep, you will post something about your life and see what your friends post.




    Using the phone for such long time, are your screen protectors still fingerprints free?


    The mobile phone is sticky and full of fingerprints. After wiping the screen, they reappear soon. I believe many people have encountered this situation and if the screen protectors are anti-fingerprint at this time, it will greatly improve experiences of using your phone.


    The anti-fingerprints function is mainly used to avoid and eliminate the visibility of the fingerprint grease through special coating treatments of the protectors.


    AndyQ tempered glasses are treated with nano-plating technology to produce the top layer, which effectively prevent fingerprints on the phone and hugely increased the smoothness when you are using it.


    Facts about Nano electroplating:


    Microstructures with a particle size of fewer than 100 nanometers are called nanostructures, and such materials are known as nanomaterials. Nanomaterials contain several atoms and molecules, so that people can design and prepare materials and devices at the atomic level. The technology of researching and processing substances and materials is called nanotechnology. Electroplating is popular in the current market, while the increasing demands for the perfect quality from the customers, the nano-electroplating method is becoming one of the leading-edge technologies in the future, because its useful for coating, which provide advantages that are mentioned above.



    Comparison between AndyQ mobile tempered glasses and general screen protectors:


    The results show that: the water droplets on AndyQs are like the ones on the leaf, and the angle is wider; while the water droplets on the ordinary has an acute angle with smaller angles.


    The angle between water droplets and screen protectors is one of the measurable ways to evaluate the hydrophobic effect of the protector coating. The larger the angle, the better the effect of hydrophobic, thus, the better the coating.


    Its obvious that AndyQ has a better hydrophobic effect and an excellent anti-fingerprint effect than the general screen protectors.



    Left is AndyQ; right is the general protector


    The test in the picture clearly shows that: the thickness of the drawing on the AndyQ screen protector is thinner and the color is more dull. After wiping, the drawing is easier to erase compared to other products. Proving again that AndyQ has better products.

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