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    Do you need tempered screens for the new mobile phone in 2020? Here’s the answer…

    Date: 2020-01-07
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    Do you use a screen protector? According to statistics, the current popularity of 2.5D screen protectors in China reached more than 70%. The usage in the future is expected to exceed 100 million screen protectors. Meanwhile, with the improvement of technology, 3D tempered glass is increasing in the market and estimated demand will be up to 120 million pieces.

    Based on a well-known consultant agency Gartner, the report shows that the sales volume of smartphones worldwide is 152 million units and is going down 2.5% annually. In the report, the Chinese market accounts for 25.1%, about 38.19 million phones. This means that if each mobile phone uses 2 or 3 pieces of screen protectors, it will be a pretty large market.


    Why the tempered glass is popular in China?

    1. Easy to crack the screen and expensive to repair, so using the tempered glass will avoid the situation like that

    So far, there are various kinds of smartphones, like full display, infinity display, notch screen. No matter what kind has the fatal shortcoming, easily being broken. In recent Toluna research, people around the world drop their cell phones seven times a year on average, and more than half of them are from one meter high or less. Usually, the screen will be cracked at the first drop.

    Screen repaired is very expensive if you do not have a warranty especially for apple series, the damage will cost you about $129-$329, depending on specific models or screen damage.


    Some people may consider that it is easy for them to pay $100 or $200 for a screen, but it still takes time and effort to go to the Apple stores. Besides, if you choose the third party to repair the screen, even if your phone is under the warranty, you cannot use the insurance and cannot enjoy the trade-in policy later in the Apple store.


    2. Functions of tempered glass

    Another reason is to enhance the functions of the screen, and the customer can choose the function of the screen. For instance, not only the hardness of the screen protector is a function, but also anti-blue rays which reduce the blue lights that mobile phones emit or privacy which protects your information from other people looking at your screen are also considered functions. The more choices create more options for customers to choose for.

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