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    IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower?

    Date: 2020-01-09
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    Since last year, 5G has been a hot topic, as if you cannot catch up with this topic, you do not fit in the society. It’s true that many manufacturers already produced mobile phones with 5G network last year and the public already experience the 5G network, starting to transfer from 4G to 5G.

    IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower? 

    Taking Apple as an example. They spend a lot of efforts and resources to make reconciliation with Qualcomm just to use the 5G network and will launch 5G iPhone this September. What do you think about the price? There are already 5G mobile phones under $290 in China, therefore, Apple will not focus too much on the price, by charging too expensive.

    Although many people expect all the upcoming iPhones to have 5G Network, most of them are still using 4G, and complained the Internet speed is slower. Even some assume that the carrier is intentional making the network slower and find many problems in 4G such as “difficult to use internet using the cellular”, “too slow down to observe”, “severe stuttering”. So what is the real situation.

     IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower?

    First of all, we need to know the basic principle of 4G: even if we use 4G to access the Internet, It’s actually the same concept to use WIFI to access the Internet. The only different thing is that WiFi is connected to the router, while 4G is connected to the ‘Signal Tower Station’. Under the same WIFI network, the more people that are connected, the slower the network speed becomes. Same to the 4G, the more people connected to the 4G base station, the 4G speed will become slower.

    IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower? 

    At present, the number of 4G mobile phone users using is growing, and switching from 2G and 3G to the 4G base stations at the same time, so that the overload 4G base station will affect the 4G users.

    Not only the reduction of 4G package fees, but also the demand of mobile phone users who use 4G is increasing and many users with dual cards or three cards will open 4G network, crowding the base station. In addition, the increasing usage of social medias will cost more cellular data. All of these resulted that 4G network is already overload.

    The clear point is that too many people using 4G network and not enough base stations lead to the current situation. According to the recent research, the average download speed of 4G in the fourth quarter of 2019 has improved compared with the previous quarters. Some people feel that 4G is slower and may be caused by too much overload for the 4G base station.

     IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower?

    Moreover, while China focuses on developing 5G network, it still construct the 4G networks. If we keep saying that the slow speed of 4G is carrier’s fault, we can only talk about whether their focusing on building one thing or not.

    And the most important thing is …

    Regardless of the baseband made from Qualcomm or Intel, Apple has restricted them, so that iPhone will be obviously slower network speed than Huawei or Mix because of the restriction.

    IPhone users, is your 4G network becoming slower? 

    Therefore, the speed of 4G network is getting slower, not because the operators are playing tricks, but because 4G base station itself is already overload, coupled with the weak iPhone signal, which is slower than other mobile phones.

    Many people are still worried that once 5G is rolled out in the future, the 4G experience may decline further. At that time, 5G mobile phones will have to be purchased, while the fact is that 4G is enough to meet daily needs.

    Everyone here, do you feel that the network speed is not the same as before with 4G?

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