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    Why I recommend to use mobile phones with the LCD screen?

    Date: 2020-01-13
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    I used Samsung before 2017 and then switched to iPhone X. When I used those two mobile phones, I had a problem which my eyes would be easily tired after using the phone for an hour and so I did some research about what causes the problems, first I found out that staring at the OLED screen is bad for my eyes.

    Why I recommend to use mobile phones with the LCD screen?

    At the beginning of 2019, one of the latest model of Apple iPhone is XR with LCD screen and I am currently using it. Although the screen resolution ls low and even some people think the screen is not smooth, as far as I use it, there is no such feeling and my eyes feel comfortable even after I use it for a long time. (326PPI has exceeded the image resolution of naked eyes)

    Why I recommend to use mobile phones with the LCD screen?

    I searched the relevant information on Google and Baidu and found that low-frequency PWM dimming which is used in LCD screen has been harmful to the human eyes.

    Let me tell you some interesting things here. There are currently two main types of display dimming technology, one is DC dimming and the other is PWM dimming. For DC dimming, it uses electric current to adjust the brightness, which costs more, while PWM dimming uses flicker to adjust, and users with more sensitive eyes are more likely to perceive this flickering change, which causes fatigue for eyes.

    In the display industry, there is a wide consensus that DC dimming screens protect eyes than low-frequency PWM dimming. At present, LCD screens are mainstream and use DC dimming technology. In this way, the eyes feel more comfortable. Although the current OLED screen has the advantages at having various color options and high contrast which is bad for the eyes, I prefer the mobile phone with LCD screen.

    So,what is your choice? LCD screen or OLED screen?

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