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    [Question] What to do if the phone suddenly shuts down with power?

    Date: 2020-01-14
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    I believe that many people have had a problem like this:

    The phone clearly shows that it still has 20% power battery,


    the screen gets darker… it turned off.

    When you try to open it,

    The phone says, “need more battery life”

    Is the phone broken?

    [Question] What to do if the phone suddenly shuts down with power?


             Three reasons are causing this situation.

    1. The phone runs out of memory storage.

    2. Improper phone battery maintenance.

    3. The software that estimates how much the battery life left is wrong.


    The phone runs out of memory storage:

    The mobile phone is running too many programs at the same time, which will cause overload operation, which may easily lead to the mobile phone to run out of power or even shut down directly.


    Avoid loading too many programs on the phone background at the same time, and avoid too many phone caches. Be sure to exit the background completely when you close the phone application!


    Improper phone battery maintenance:

    If we use the battery every day and all year round, using not stop, which will affect the battery negatively, and various improper charging methods also lead to severe battery aging.


    Playing the phone while charging is likely to damage the battery of the phone, and Unplugging the phone without charging it to 100% will also damage the battery. 1. Try to use the original data cable to charge as much as possible; 2. Remember not to charge while playing with your mobile phone; 3. Do not use up the battery completely.

    [Question] What to do if the phone suddenly shuts down with power? 

    The software that estimates how much the battery life left is wrong:

    The remaining power we usually see is calculated by a power estimation program in the system. In the initial stage of mobile phone shipment, the official will calibrate the battery level with the displayed power level in the system, so it is very accurate at the beginning.

    However, after a long period of usage, there will be errors between the battery power and the estimated power in the system. Then the phone may automatically shut down before the last 0% or 1%, to maintain the basic operation of the phone background.


    1. After the user has fully charged the battery to 100%;

    2. Use up the battery completely and let it turn off automatically;

    3. The system power will be recalibrated with the battery power, and the power will return to normal.

    4. If it still has the problem, we recommend to reset the system setting (not to restore the original factory settings) in the system and repeat steps 1 and 2 several times.

     [Question] What to do if the phone suddenly shuts down with power?


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