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    [About protecting eyes]|Blue-ray is so harmful that you must know these preventive methods!

    Date: 2020-01-16
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    Yesterday, I saw some discussions about the Blue-ray in the mobile phone, which was very scary.

    [About protecting eyes]|Blue-ray is so harmful that you must know these preventive methods! 

    Blue-ray is harmful to the eyes and I also mention in the previous article that everyone needs to protect your eyes, however, taking into consideration how often you use mobile phones will affect how severe the damage is for your eyes although the blue-ray itself is harmful.


    Regarding the knowledge of Blu-ray, you could review my previous posts. In this article, let's talk about anti-Blu-ray products on the market.


    Anti-blue-light Glasses

    Principle: Use tawny glass to absorb partial of blue lights


    Anti-blue light glasses are designed to prevent blue lights from irritating the eyes and can effectively isolate ultraviolet rays or radiation. It also filters blue lights, which is suitable for watching computers or TVs.

    [About protecting eyes]|Blue-ray is so harmful that you must know these preventive methods! 

    Although it is useful, there are some shortcomings.


    When choosing anti-blue light glasses, the most important point is to check if it can block both the harmful blue lights and ensure the high light transparency for comforts.


    Many anti-blue light glasses have low quality on the market and even cannot block harmful blue lights which hurt the eyes.


    If the quality is poor or the online posters claiming that it has 50% probability to prevent blue lights which most of them are still harmful to the eyes because the current technology cannot prevent such high rate of blue light and ensure that the colors are not refracted at the same time.


    And, It is not recommended to wear anti-blue lights glasses in daily life. Since when the glass filter some blue lights, the pictures that you see will turn yellow so that it’s better for you to bring two pairs of glasses, one for daily life and another for using electronics products that emits blue lights.


    Anti-blue Ray Software

    Principle: Lower the screen color temperature to make the screen yellowish

    [About protecting eyes]|Blue-ray is so harmful that you must know these preventive methods! 

    The most representative is Apple’s Nightshift function and F.lux.


    F.lux is able to calculate the sunrise and sunset time according to the latitude and longitude, and automatically change the screen color temperature to protect the eyes. It will switch to cool colors during the day to reduce fatigue and switch to warm colors at night to promote sleep.


    After updating IOS 9.3, Nightshift is turned on by default setting, which is the same to the F.lux.


    When you compare adjusting the color temperature automatically with keeping intense white cold light all the day and night, the first one reduce more melatonin secretion in our body and will not make people relatively excited like the latter, so that people will easily feel sleepy in a timely manner, which follows the human body clock and reduces the probability of occurrence of sleep disorders.


    When the night comes, f.lux automatically adjusts the color temperature (appear reddish or yellowish) to make the screen light more comfortable. The sensitivity of the cone cells in the eyes decreases, while the sensitivity of the rod cells increases and the secretion of melatonin is closer to the normal level at night, which is easier for people to fall asleep and effectively improve sleeping quality, and even treat sleep disorders or insomnia.


    However, this claim is still needed to be proven.


    Anti-blue Ray screen protectors

    Principle: effectively block the transmission of short-wave blue lights, while ensuring that the pictures are not distorted.


    I’m sure that everyone knows our anti-blue ray screen protectors, so I do not need to say much.


    Full-screen protection: the screen protectors that cover the curved edge fully is beautiful and durable.


    Non-fragile edges: using the special technology to strengthen the edges of screen protectors to make the screen strong and non-fragile.


    Strong performance: using high-end imported glass to make the screen protectors scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.


    Prevention of myopia: the transparent screen protectors that have anti-blue lights function will help protect vision.


    Dust-free and fingerprints free: using nano-plating to eliminate various stains and fingerprints.


    Always using AndyQ, when considering about anti-blue screen protectors!


    Tips for eye protection:

    1. Follow the principle 20-20-20.

    Looking away from the screen and look at the objects at 20 feet away (about 6 meters) for more than 20 seconds every 20 minutes.

    2. Comfortable lights.

    A good lighting environment will not only make you feel pleasant but also good for the eyes. Don’t look at your phone in the dark.

    3. Keep a reasonable distance and angle.

    The interval between the electronic screen and the eyes should be at least 50 cm away, and the level of your eyes should be above the screen level so that you are looking down and form a certain angle.

    4. Do not use electronics for too long.

    You should take a few minutes rest every hour to relieve the strains in the eyes.


    Last but not least, while you are using the phone, close your eyes and take a rest for a while, and then use AndyQ’s anti-blue ray tempered glass on the phone!`

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