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    Glass imported from Germany
    The company has 100 levels of dust-free workshop, equipped with advanced testing equipment and a number of high-quality technical personnel
    Strictly implement cleaning operation and strengthen quality control and management in all aspects

    Process Engineering

    More than 200 people are involved in development product professionally.Raw material which is special material of high hardness, high permeability, high strength and high chemical stability imported from Germany. The protector have AB glue which makes its natural fast fit, oxidation rate slow, adsorption capacity high, no white edge. Peeling the protector doesn’t affect screen, if it is broken,will turn into powder, it won’t affect the phone itself.


    The light transmittance of 0.1mm German imported glass is more than 92%, which can effectively prevent eye fatigue.Playing games or watching video can restore the real color. Protector can prevent scratching, damaging by collision with other sharp objects in the handbags.


    Coating Process

    Vacuum electroplating coating makes more effective on oil repellent, anti-fouling, waterproof drip and anti-makeup. Coating process makes screen protector easy to handle, no peeling, no water mark. The resistance is 5 times of the other products.More than 5,000 times of Scratching test. Smoother than any other brand.


    We only focus on high-end technology: secondary strengthening, two edge grinding (stabilize the molecular structure), five times product inspection (each time strengthening of protector will be tested, factory inspection at the end) 9H hardness, cutting resistance, scratch resistance.

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